Meteor Precieux Pendant

Unique piece, delivered with an identification certificate that guarantees the weight, size, colour, quality and purity of the Tourmaline.

If the nature of the stone gives the Meteor Precious Tourmaline bicolour pink and light green pendant its exclusivity, its elongated emerald cut translates the essence of the being.

According to tradition, this tourmaline rebalances the emotions. It is especially considered to be the stone of universal love because of its two-tone hue.

The Meteor Precious Tourmaline Pendant, with its vertical design in pink and light green, evokes the desire to elevate oneself in the world while connecting one’s inner self to the universe.

Timeless and elegant, its sophisticated format enhances all clothing styles.



Pattern Size: 21,62 x 5,16 x 3,57cm

Chain Length: 45-42-40-38cm

5 diamonds of 0.043 carats
4.24 carat two-tone pink and light green tourmaline

All Maison Heavenly creations are registered, individually numbered and unique : gold weight, carat weight, stone size may vary slightly from one creation to another.

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